important note!

I’m going on a 3 week vacation to Bali & Flores. So the only click I’m going to make is the click of my shutter release button. I won’t post pictures the coming weeks on maybe a few on my twitter account @marvos. Of course I’ll take a picture everyday, there will be a big update when I’m back somewhere in the middle of May. I guess you’ll manage these weeks without a fresh pic every day but to make this period a little less hard to come by here are a few similar daily blogs which I’m happy to share with you:

There are of course more daily picture blogs on the internets but I tried to limit the list with the similar daily blogs in/around Amsterdam, the Netherlands. If you know of any other ones please leave a link in the comments below!

See you in 3 weeks!

This was a scheduled post at the time you’re reading this I’m probably somewhere high in the sky or laying in a hammock between a few palm trees 😉

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