important note!

The last week I’ve been busy building a new theme for I was not satisfied anymore with the ePhoto theme. I liked the design but to me the design was a little bit over the top. Also what freaked me was that when browsing the archives, the thumbnails sometimes didn’t load. This was because they were created at runtime. Yes they stayed in a temporarily buffer so the homepage was always pretty much ‘safe’ but the archive was sometimes a problem where you wouldn’t see the thumbnails showing up. Only after a few refreshess.

So now I’m using the new capabilities of wordpress 2.9 which luckily came out two weeks ago. I’m using the new thumbnail feature quite heavily. All the different sizes of the images are now created during the upload of the picture so they’re always there and not created at runtime.

I’ll probably be updating my site with new features in the next few days. I just couldn’t wait anymore to release it. My plan was to release it in the new year but I think I’m far enough for an earlier release. Hope you’ll enjoy it more and that my site will be faster, more accessible and have better user experience. I wanted it to be about the pictures and not about the design of the site.

Oh yeah you can use the arrow keys to easily browse all the pages and pictures, just press them and you’ll see what happens…. I will address this more in the site lay-out in the future just don’t know where to put a ‘Tip’ container yet…

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