important note!

I’ve made a new update to 1pictureaday things are more simple and I kept myself to the KISS principle. I made it myself too difficult in the previous update, where I wanted to keep everything sized in the viewport with no scrollbars. But I came to the conclusion that this made things slighly more difficult not only for me but also for you as a user. It was a experiment since I like to experiment, not only in photography but also in code, learned some things along the way and the core wordpress setup was made so this new version took less time to complete. It was mainly rearranging & deleting.

1pictureaday should now be visible and good looking on all devices including mobile phones (with a decent browser), tablets (iPad) and should adjust to all screen sizes (some media queries and adaptive layout). I haven’t tested for Internet Explorer yet, which I will in the coming week. Hope you’ll agree with me that this version is the best one so far. I’ll keep on making some more (minor) improvements cause it’s the details that count but I guess and hope I’ll stick to this version in the years to come.

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