important note!

I hope the new year will bring us many fresh and inspiring pictures. In order to bring my photography to a new level these are my new year’s intentions:

  1. To kick it off I should update the News category more often which is what I’m doing right now.
  2. Be a little less shy and just ask people if I can take a picture
  3. Do more promotional work for 1pictureaday
  4. Don’t focus on equipment although….I want to…
  5. Buy a new point & shoot camera, probably the Canon G11
  6. Create pictures which tell a story, bring up emotions, are relevant & are effective
  7. Do a quick reset of my camera BEFORE doing a shoot, especially bracketing, metering & ISO values
  8. Do more walks early in the morning, which means I have to wake up & go OUT of the bed when the alarm is ringing!
  9. Move closer to the subject
  10. Make a decision of if/how/where/why/when/what/who to sell my pictures
  11. Actually read the books I buy
  12. Take less “window view” pictures, although sometimes this is inevitable like last week when I was sick.
  13. Go to more exhibitions and/or workshops
  14. Do more research
  15. Spend less time in front of the TV, checking analytics/email/twitter/flickr notifications

Of course I can’t fullfill all of them, but writing a post about it makes me more aware of them. And of course I should not forget that I’m doing this for the joy of creating something that, existed for just a split second, will exist for eternity.

We’ll see what the new year is going to bring wish you all a very good one!!!

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