important note!

The new 1pictureaday theme is live. This time I took more time whereas in previous updates I took a theme and adjusted it to my needs. This time I took it from the ground up and I also wanted to learn wordpress better. So after 2 months I decided to go live with this version. It’s not finished yet, guess it will never be totally finished which is a good thing, since a good site is always under development. There are some things though which are hard to do with wordpress, the main thing that bothers me is that when you select a category/archive you’ll see all the pictures of that category/archive which is good but when you click on a picture (ie. post) and click next/previous you’re no longer in the category/archive you selected but you’re in the flow of when the pictures were taken/published. Maybe there’s is a plugin for it, did not find one which was satisfactory.
I’ll be update the theme with the following:

  • Gallery function on a day or maybe I’ll just post more pictures on a day.
  • More info/function on a detail picture page (exif data, buy option,comments)

Just couldn’t wait anymore, hope you like it!

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